Olamide re-checked his location on the map for the hundredth time and saw that he had 35 minutes before arriving at his destination. He sighed and returned his attention to the road ahead. This was a journey he never believed he could make. He saw himself as a clever playboy who doesn’t chase but is chased instead. But here he was, moving from one state to another because of a lady.

Olamide met Chioma two weeks ago at a party. Because it was a pool party, every girl was dressed in a swimming suit, but only one attracted his attention, and that was Chioma. She was dressed in a bright green bathing suit that accentuated both her curves and her dark complexion. He instantly left his friends to meet her. They began kissing not long after. Then she requested if she may suck his cock, which shocked him, so he pushed his shorts down and his already erect cock sprang out. She gave him the sloppiest top he’d ever had.

It was sad, though, that they couldn’t fuck that day; there wasn’t a single condom left in the house. Olamide was one of the individuals who arranged the party, and he made sure that enough condoms were purchased in case anyone needed them, but when he needed them the most, they vanished. So all he did that night was finger Chioma till she orgasmed repeatedly.

He hadn’t stop thinking about her since then and he couldn’t wait to his sink his cock into her wet pum pum. They swapped phone numbers and stayed in touch. He discovered that she didn’t even live in Lagos; she lived in Ibadan and just went to school in Lagos. And she had convinced him to visit her a visit in Ibadan.

He told his buddies he was heading to Ibadan to meet his mother. He just couldn’t tell them the truth because he knew they’d mock him, and he had a reputation to uphold. He considered going to see his mother, so it wouldn’t be a complete lie. Chioma texted him, wondering where he was. He told her he was ten minutes away, and she responded with how excited she was to meet him, followed by a slew of love-struck and kiss emojis.

He frowned at the text. He also couldn’t wait to see her, but that was because he couldn’t wait to fuck that pussy. He wasn’t sure if she couldn’t wait to see him for the same reason. They had been talking every day for the past two weeks, and he was hoping to god that she hadn’t caught feelings for him. All he wanted to do was smash that pussy once or twice and be done with it. She first asked him to dress in black because she wanted him to go to a party with her before they fucked, and now she’s sending him all these needless emojis. For a split second, he considered whether this was all a horrible idea, but he was already here. The very least he could do was fuck that pussy and block her as soon as he returned to Lagos.

He arrived at his destination, located a parking spot, and got out of the car. He took out his phone and dialed Chioma’s number.
“Hello, I believe I’m here.”
“I’ll be right out there.”

Olamide ended the call, he sat on the hood of his car waiting for her to come to get him. While he waited, he saw a group of people all dressed in black, coming towards him. They were about seven of them and they greeted him as they passed. He wondered if it was just a coincidence or if they were also attending the same party he and Chioma were going to.

They were all dressed in black, but they didn’t appear to be going to a party. Someone touched him on the shoulder from behind. He turned around to see Chioma, who was dressed in a white gown and had a large smile on her face.
“You did it,” she said as she hugged him.
“I did, indeed.”

“Let’s go inside,”
She took his hand in hers and brought him to the house he had seen those folks enter earlier. When they entered, Olamide was startled to discover that everyone was dressed in black, with just a few exceptions in white. They weren’t the kind of folks he’d expect to see at a party. He came to a halt and drew Chioma back.

“What type of party is this, Chioma?”
It’s not a party; it’s my grandmother’s wake.” she said

Olamide’s jaw dropped, she said. “You invited me from Lagos to your grandmother’s funeral?” he demanded angrily.
“Wake keep, not funeral. The funeral is the day after tomorrow “
“Oh, that makes it so much better. Phew, look at me thinking you made me come from Lagos to Ibadan for a funeral when it was only a wake keep.”

Chioma gave him a disapproving look. “You don’t have to be that way. You kept mentioning that you wanted to see me. This was the only time that sprang to mind. Besides, my sisters are nearby and have been waiting to see you.”

Olamide was now completely convinced that Chioma thought they were in a relationship. When two females came over to welcome him, he was about to clear it with her. He recognized them as Chioma’s sisters because they resembled her, but one had a physique that was a hundred times hotter than Chioma’s.

They escorted him to a seat up front after Chioma introduced him to them. Olamide began to second-guess every action he had made that day. He drove two and a half hours looking for pussy, but instead found himself at a funeral, and despite her promise that they’d fuck after the funeral, he wasn’t sure he still wanted it because they hadn’t even fucked yet, and she was already inviting him to family functions and introducing him to family. He was curious as to what she would do after they had fucked.

He sat and listened to the pastor preach, people sing, and people talk about Chioma’s grandmother, who was a beautiful woman before she died. Then he made up his mind to make a break for it. He was going to escape and never look back as soon as they were completely distracted, then he was going to block her number and forget ever meeting her.

One of Chioma’s sisters came up to him and asked him to join her while he was still plotting his escape. She said she needed his assistance because she had some heavy lifting to do. He stood up and walked up to her. This was perfect for his escape. He’d tell her he needed to grab something from his car and then run like the wind after he’d finished assisting her.

He watched her ass jiggle in her dress as he trailed her behind. She, like Chioma, was endowed in all the appropriate areas, but 10 times more so. He followed her into the house, where she took him to what appeared to be a garage in the back. Except for a white coffin on a bench in the middle of the room, the room was empty. Olamide became confused. She didn’t think he’d be carrying the coffin, did she?

He was about to ask what exactly she needed him to lift when she turned back and kissed him.

He pulled away from her immediately, was she trying to set him up?

“I’m very sorry,” she apologized. “I’ve been wanting to fuck you for a long time,” she explained. Olamide stood there, even more, puzzled than before. “I read your conversation with Chioma, I saw images and videos of your cock, I saw everything you claimed you were going to do to her, and I want you to do everything to me, please.”
“But I am your sister’s friend,” Olamide replied.

“I know, but I want to fuck you with no ties attached; no one has to know, and no one will ever know, I swear.”

All the voices in Olamide’s brain were shouting at him that this was a horrible idea and that it was most likely a setup. But a small voice inside his brain told him that even if everything was a ruse, he had nothing to lose.

“I swear this isn’t a ruse.” She went in closer, grabbed his hand, and stuffed it into her panties. It was already dripping wet.

“Can we go somewhere after the event, like a hotel or something?”
“No, every fiber of my being wants to fuck you right now. Please don’t make me wait another second.”
Before he could say anything further, she got down on her knees, yanked down his trousers, and took his dick out of his boxers.

“What happens if someone walks in?”

“No one is coming in for a while; we have approximately an hour.”

She pushed his cock into her mouth before he could say anything further, and his body relaxed. Her lips were chilly, and it felt nice on his cock. Her head was as sharp as her sister’s, but she had a greater technique. She did this thing where she licked the shaft of his cock after taking approximately three inches of it in her mouth. She also twisted her tongue as the head popped out and that drove him insanely crazy. With one hand, she massaged his cock and with the other, she toyed with his balls.

She began deep throating him quickly, moving her head back and forth. Olamide was doing everything he could not to scream and much more everything he could not to nut. But suddenly she came to a halt. She rose from her knees and informed him it was now his chance to make her happy.
“Do you have a condom with you?”
Olamide shook his head. “But I have some in my car,” he pointed out.
“It’s too late to go back and grab it. How good are your pull-out skills?”
“Err… good, I suppose?”

Olamide was hesitant to fuck without a condom, but he wasn’t thinking clearly at the time. His rock-hard cock was thinking for him, and all he wanted to do was slam into that moist pussy. So he swung her around, drew her dress up to her back, moved her panties to the side, and made the sign of the cross before inserting his cock into her pussy. They both moaned.

She was holding on to the coffin for support, and as he fucked her, the table bearing the coffin made squeaky noises. She loved the feel of his cock in her pussy. It filled up her whole pussy. She didn’t know how, but she wished she could put him in her cunt and leave him there. She was so wet, she could feel her juices trickling down her leg.

She removed her left hand from the casket and began massaging her clit. She let out an uncontrollable groan, and he began thrusting her quicker as if the sound had spurred him to. She felt an orgasm tear through her, so she tightened her pussy and informed him she was ready to come.

He increased the tempo of his push as soon as he heard her say she was ready to cum, and she grew wetter. Olamide drove his whole cock inside her, causing her to scream. He grabbed her boobs and gently squeezed her nipples, causing her to tremble and the table and coffin to shake.

She then announced that she was cumming once again. Olamide wanted to come with her this time, so he drew out his entire cock, stroked the head up and down her slit, shoved it back in, and fucked her harder. She was shaking even more frantically than before, and it looked like the coffin was about to topple, but Olamide didn’t notice since his eyes were closed. He gripped her waist and pushed into her with all his power one final time, forcing her forward as he removed his cock from inside her. The jolt pushed her forward, forcing her against the coffin and causing it to collapse.

Olamide looked at the corpse, which was now turned upside down. It was simply standing there, completely unaware of what was going on, and at that moment, the one thing Olamide wanted more than anything else in the world was to swap places with the body.

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